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Skip Hire - Waste & Recycling

Robin Concrete & Waste Disposal Ltd are a Hull based private company, with over 25 years experience, our skips are used within the Hull and the surrounding area, enabling Robin to supply a wide range of waste solutions.

Operating from our Hull centre waste transfer station, all our vehicles are under direct radio control from our main office ensuring a high standard of service at all times.  

All waste that is collected is disposed of through our on site waste transfer station which enables us recycle the Following waste Streams:

Hardcore / Spoil / Wood / Brash / Cardboard / Paper / Hard Plastics / Soft Plastics / Plasterboard.  




  • 2 Cuyd (6'L x 4'W x 3'H)
  • 4 Cuyd (6'L x 4'W x 4'6H)

BUILDERS SKIPS (complete with a drop end door)

  • 8 Cuyd (10'L x 6.W x 4.2'H)
  • 12 Cuyd  (16'L x 7'W x 4'H) 

ROLL On/Off Containers

20 Cuyd open containers

40 Cuyd open containers

For more information please ring 01482 585985


Robin Concrete & Waste Disposal Ltd offers numerous recycling solutions to best suit our customers needs.

We operate a 'Waste Transfer Station' on our site at Foster Street in Hull, recycling over 85% of all waste entering our Transfer Station.

Waste is collected from various sources including industrial premises, households and building sites. All waste collected is deposited on a manned picking line which we use to remove any recyclable materials.

This process enables us to reduce the amount of waste that gets taken to landfill, therefore reducing costs and helping to preserve the environment.

The current government introduced 'landfill tax rate' stands at £64.00 per ton.